Planning For the Ones You Love

Our process begins with a Family Wealth Planning Session. Before the session you will complete homework that will have you feeling more organized and put together than you have in a long time. Maybe ever.

During our session, we will look at what would happen to all of what you have and everyone you love, if anything were to happen to you.

Then, we will determine a plan together to make sure everything goes the way you want it to so you are always in control. And so your family always knows just how much you care.

Should we decide there are things we can do to take care of your family better than they are taken care of now, we will present you with planning options that allow you to decide on your fee and the level of service that is right for you and your family.

THe 3 Levels of Planning

YOur Family's Lawyer FOR LIFE

More Than Just Your Money

Planning for your children

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